“I first saw this exhibition in the Greenham Common Control Tower and immediately fell in love with Wendy’s photographs. I just love the intimacy and honesty. I hope they will give those who don’t know much about Greenham, a little glimpse into this incredible time and place where our Es & Flo met.” Jennifer Lunn

I’m very excited to announce that my COMMON PEOPLE exhibition will be coming to London next month. Showing at Kiln Theatre from 5th to 24th June to coincide with the London performances of Es & Flo – a new play written by Jennifer Lunn and inspired by the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp.

Tickets for Es&Flo are available from the Kiln box office.

Entry to the exhibition is FREE.

What people have said about COMMON PEOPLE: review

Congratulations to Photo London who are celebrating the publication of the 100th edition of their magazine. Created during the pandemic each edition is dedicated to a photographic artist or gallery. I was very proud to have been selected as the featured artist for issue #28 which can be viewed here, and honoured to be included in this birthday rollcall with many of my longtime photography heroes.

The 100th edition’s focus is on artists from Iran and can be viewed here

My COMMON PEOPLE photography exhibition will be showing at the Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff from next Friday 28th April until Saturday 13th May.

The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was just over three years old when I took this picture. I was a photography student working on my final year project, and arrived and stayed at the camp for a few short weeks during a particularly harsh winter. The conditions the women were living in were tough. The ground was frozen, the milk froze, we slept in makeshift tents under piles of donated blankets, experienced daily evictions by police and bailiffs, and I witnessed at first hand the enormity of a nuclear Cruise Missile convey. Meanwhile these resilient women continued with their protest. Fueled by camaraderie and endless cups of tea, the pictures show how domestic life focused around the campfire.

The exhibition run will coincide with performances of Es & Flo, a new play by award winning playwright Jennifer Lunn, about two women who meet at Greenham Common. My sincere thanks to Jennifer for her kind invitation to show COMMON PEOPLE, and to Gemma Hicks, Sophie Williams and the team at the Wales Millenium Centre for their warm welcome and generosity. The exhibition is FREE to view. If you are in the area why not come take a look

Background info:

The 1980s were a time of great social disquiet in Britain. Miners were striking against the closure of Coal pits, and the Cold War with Russia had played into people’s fears, precipitating an international growth in nuclear weapons. There was public outcry when in 1981 the British government gave permission for US nuclear missiles to be installed at RAF Greenham. In response, a group of [mainly] women led a peaceful protest by walking all the way from Cardiff to the Common. The 120 mile march took them ten days, and on arrival many decided to stay. They were joined by others, and the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp was born.

If you want to learn more about the Greenham Women’s Peace movement do take a look at the work by activist group Greenham Women Everywhere.

Another chance to attend this online workshop where I shall be discussing how entering photography awards can improve confidence in your photographic practice, help gain visibility for your work, and how this can progress your career.

The workshop was originally created by f22aop responding to the fact that women photographers weren’t entering photography awards in the same way or numbers as their male counterparts.

The workshop takes place online next Thursday 20th April, and is FREE to all members of the Association of Photographers (AOP). Registration is via eventbrite. The session will not be recorded.

Maybe see you there?

Last summer I photographed on the beautiful north Kent beaches of Tankerton and Whitstable.

© Alicia Joynes
© Wendy Carrig
© Wendy Carrig
© Alicia Joynes

© Alicia Joynes
© Wendy Carrig
© Alicia Joynes

Last week I learnt that Southern Water regularly releases untreated sewage onto these beautiful beaches as reported in the documentary Our Troubled Rivers. Self-regulated dumping by water companies, together with storm runoff from livestock farms, means beaches and designated bathing waters are often closed, and disgracefully all our rivers are now polluted.

To right this desperate situation and put a stop to profiteering and abuse of our vital natural resource, the activist group SOSWhitstable are urgently petitioning the government to bring the care of our water back into public ownership.

Similarly Surfers Against Sewage ask us to sign their Dirty Money petition. Both groups hope that with re-reinvestment and upgrades the water industry will have the resources to nurse our ailing natural environment back to good health.

Horrible fact that in 2021 alone, water companies released effluence into English and Welsh waterways amounting to 25 years of untreated sewage.

Meanwhile my thanks to the kind and generous people of Tankerton and Whitstable, The Marine Hotel, and this super team :

Julie, me, Frances, Eveline & Jo
© Alicia Joynes

talent – Eveline Besters at Models1 (drove all the way from her home in Amsterdam to avoid flight cancellations), fashion editor – Jo Atkinson at Hearst assisted by Corin Ripley, hair & makeup artist – Frances Prescott at S.Management, clothes transport – Michelle Bohan, producer – Fiona Andrews at Hearst, digital operator – Julie Stewart, lighting assistant and all the wonderful behind-the-scenes photography – Alicia Joynes. Fashion photography by me Wendy Carrig

Tomorrow I will be presenting a workshop titled ON ENTERING PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. The workshop was originally created by f22aop women photographers, responding to the fact that women weren’t entering photography awards in the same way or numbers as their male counterparts. The workshop will cover how entering photography awards can improve confidence in your photographic practice, help gain visibility for your work, and how this can progress your career.

The workshop is FREE to all members of the Association of Photographers (AOP) and registration is via eventbrite. Hope to see you there!

Many thanks to The Guardian for featuring COMMUNITY + CONNECTION a new exhibition from #f22aop women photographers created to celebrate International Women’s Day.

You can read the full Guardian article here, and see all the work featured in the exhibition here

I am pleased to be exhibiting alongside a supportive community of multi talented photographers: Lesley Lau, Nicola Tree, Helen Roscoe, Felicity Crawshaw, Jayne Jackson, Gabrielle Motola, Danielle Kalinovskis, Jenny Lewis, Eleanor Church, Scarlet Page, Karen Yeomans, Fiona Freund, Denise Maxwell, Carol Sharp.

This series of images taken at Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp has just been selected for a new exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Aldermaston Women meet every month setting up their tents outside the main gates of the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment. I visited last December on the 40th anniversary of Embrace the Base, where it turned into the coldest weekend of the year as temperatures dropped to minus seven degrees. Undeterred by freezing conditions (many of these women had experienced harsh winters at Greenham Common) and fueled by hot tea and field-kitchen food they continued their [almost] peaceful protest highlighting the futility of nuclear weapons with workshops, talks and song. Warning that “the creation and storage of Atomic Nuclear Weapons brings with it the threat of ultimate destruction.”

The exhibition Community & Connection was created by f22aop women photographers and the work of all 15 selected artists can be viewed here.

My thanks to the judges Andy Greenacre, Photography Director at The Telegraph. Jennie Ricketts, Independent Photography Editor. Fiona Shields, Head of Photography at The Guardian. Jane Sherwood, News Editor at Getty Images.

Special thanks to Aldermaston Women and Greenham Women Everywhere! Wishing you all a very happy International Women’s Day #embraceequity

A portfolio of my Greenham Common archive has been featured in this new publication by the Office for Contemporary Art, Norway.

My sincere thanks to editor and curator Katya Garcia-Anton and team at the OCA for including me in this important publication. My photography runs over 20 pages and is followed by a portfolio of original art facsimiles created by women at the Peace Camp.

Katya Garcia-Anton speaking at the book launch for ‘Radical Actions, Politics & Friendships’, at the Kunstnerhes Hus, Norway, November 2022. Event photography © OCANorway

It was an unexpected surprise to see my work displayed in such large scale at the book launch.

This beautiful publication is the companion reader to the recent exhibition Actions of Art and Solidarity and can be purchased from many of your favourite booksellers or directly from the OCA.

Coleen McLoughlin by Wendy Carrig ©2006

“I try to keep in shape, but I don’t worry what people think”

“The papers will be picking on someone else tomorrow…”

These quotes could have been taken from the recent Rooney v Vardy court case, but are actually from a 2006 interview with Coleen (then McLoughlin) for UK CosmoGirl with accompanying photography by me.

Coleen McLoughlin by Wendy Carrig ©2006

After shooting the cover I was given five minutes to create a completely different look for the inside pages. Thankfully Coleen loved the dress the stylist had chosen, and although it was too big for her tiny frame she seized the moment, gathered the ruffles and stole the show. Allowing me just enough time to shoot a couple of rolls of film before she dashed to her next appointment.

Thank you Coleen. This still remains one of my favourite celebrity portrait sittings.

To see more portrait photography by me please click here.

portrait sitting – Coleen Rooney

editor – Celia Duncan

celebrity editor – Dan Cleeve

features editor – Laura Ellen Kennedy

hair artist – Saynab Awalen

makeup artist – Caroline Piasecki

studio – fishtank studios, Borough High Street, London SE1

all photography – Wendy Carrig using a handheld Bronica 645 ETRsi film camera and Kodak colour negative film

This picture is part of a fashion editorial I shot on Wimbledon Common last spring. I grew up near the Common and still walk my dog there most mornings. Throughout the summer I watched the drought change lush greenery into a parched dry landscape and the pond to a small watering hole, as 2022 turned into the hottest year on record.

Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common photo credit © Amer Ghazzal

This year is predicted to be even hotter and Extinction Rebellion are joining with other organisations, movements and individuals in The Big One A super-sized peaceful protest (no glue or padlocks) demanding our government act now in tackling the climate emergency.

Meanwhile here is the rest of the fashion story. Ironically we used Photoshop to change the lush greenery to look more like the last days of summer. I don’t know if there are any fish in Rushmere pond. Ours was from Waitrose.

talent – Chloe Webb, fashion director – Amanda Marcantonio assisted by Corin Ripley, hair & makeup artist – Sally Kvalheim, digital operator – Julie Stewart, photo assistant – Sujata Setia, producer – Karina Dial at Hearst, with thanks to Angela Evans-Hill from the Wimbledon Ranger’s office.

Happy new year everyone. Many thanks again for your continued support, and to all the talented and generous teams I had the good fortune to work with throughout 2022.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and inspiring new year.

Love Wendy x

Here is a snapshot of last year’s highlights as chosen by Instagram’s #bestnine Click links for stories and team credits.

1. Get Up Stand Up | No Reply magazine

2. Greenham Women | protest march

3. Lisa Snowdon | Platinum magazine

4. AOP Awards finalist | Documentary Project

5. JMC awards WINNER | fashion

6. JMC awards WINNER | documentary

7 & 8 RakesProgress magazine

9 You’re Invited

I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

Many thanks again for your continued support which I very much appreciate.

I wish you a fulfilling and inspiring 2023

Love Wendy x

This images is still up there as one of my all time favourite Christmas photoshoots.

Talent – Jan Dunning

Fashion styling – Liz Cocozza

Hair artist – Dino Pereira

Makeup artist – Fiona Moore

Location house – Marianne Cotterill

Photographer – Wendy Carrig

Look out for Jan Dunning‘s debut teen novel publishing in 2023 inspired by her experiences in fashion and photography

Artist Jemima Brown recently published Peace Camp, a new book showcasing her unique and fascinating figurines, and to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Women’s Peace Camp at Greenham Common.

photograph © Caron Geary

Her mixed media sculptures have extraordinary life-like features and expressions. They sit atop vintage Thermos flasks and Campingaz lamps, dressed in individually crafted hand knits and protest t-shirts emblazoned with tiny CND badges.

photograph © Shaun Vincent

The book also features a number of Greenham Women, and I was delighted to be included with this image from my archive :

photograph © Wendy Carrig

Last year I documented the Greenham Women anniversary march – 110 miles from Cardiff to Greenham Common. This is me at the end of day #8. I think there are definitely some similarities with Jemima Brown’s sleeping figurines!

photograph © Octavia Reeve
photograph © Shaun Vincent

Peace Camp can be purchased directly from Jemima at https://www.jemimabrown.com/publications

photograph © Jemima Brown

Unfortunately our right to peaceful protest is still under threat as our Government tries to force through another bill, this despite the fact that the public and the House of Lords rejected their last attempts. To stop the bill, please take a look at the Greenpeace petition here.

Lot 16 | photography © Wendy Carrig

The Power of Women charity uses creativity to champion equality and diversity of women and girls, culminating in their annual arts festival to celebrate International Women’s Day. The art auction and exhibition has been created to help raise funds to support POW‘s charitable work, notably the continuing issue of violence against women.

Artists featured in this auction include internationally renowned artists, students and recent graduates, and people who create for their own enjoyment including young people. Everyone can create art!

The 40 artworks up for auction can be viewed online here, or in person at the Hotel Michele exhibition space in Margate. Bidding opens online from next Wednesday 16th November.

Always a pleasure working with the fabulous Lisa Snowdon. #Masterchef Winner #Menopause Ambassador #CoverGirl! Check out Lisa’s Get Lifted podcast here

With massive thanks to this super team! Art direction Jo Bell Styling Maria Francolini Hair & makeup Lizzie Court Interview Gemma Calvert Digital Operator Julie Stewart Photography by me, Wendy Carrig More fashion & portrait photography at my website : https://www.wendycarrig.co.uk

“The fast fashion, I think there’s some brands who are too fast and it’s not good for the planet, because it wastes like a lot of product and material. We need a more slow fashion. The Grey Dress – was really nice, I like the Grey Dress, was very pretty, and I styled it in my own way.” Sabrina Da Silva represented by Models1

The Story of the Grey Dress is an ongoing project exploring our relationship with clothing. This little charity shop find worn again, and again, proving longevity in our purchasing choice matters. But who made this dress? Who made the fabric? And at what cost to the planet?

Many thanks to this top team :

Talent & styling – Sabrina Da Silva at Models 1

Natural hair by Jo McKenna

Skin care by Firyal Arneil

Interviews by Wendy Rigg

Photo team – Julie Stewart, Sophie Phillips and Hadas Elder

Location – the Hightrees Modern House, with thanks to Sarah Hogan.

If you would like to get involved in this project, or think you would like to be photographed in the Grey Dress, please message me via the contact page on my site : https://www.wendycarrig.co.uk

All the winners from the 18th Julia Margaret Cameron awards are featured in this month’s Fotonostrum magazine.

I was absolutely delighted to have my work chosen and be announced as the winner in three categories.

Huge thanks again to the judges for making their selections, and also to the talented team involved in the fashion image, and to Kate Morrissey and her son for their generosity of time whilst I created the documentary image.

For more pictures and full credits for these stories click fashion, documentary, landscape.

Best wishes


image © Fuji

A curated selection from this year’s AOP Awards are showing at the Fuji House of Photography.

If you were unable to attend the Awards party this is another great opportunity to see the work in real life. Or as an art director friend once said to me at a previous Awards event “…I’ve just seen the exhibition and was surprised at how much better the pictures looked in print than on my screen.” Now there’s a novel idea… ; )

I’m very pleased to have these two images included in the show :

NEW WAVE for Perfect Bound magazine
finalist 37th AOP Awards | fashion
finalist 37th AOP Awards | project
image © Fuji

The House of Photography is in Covent Garden, London, and the exhibition runs until the end of July.

t-shirt by Katharine Hamnett for CHOOSE LOVE
supporting refugees and displaced people globally

Peace and Love t-shirt by Bella Freud for WAR CHILD
“We will never give up on children living through conflict”
Save the Rainforest by Vivienne Westwood for Cool Earth
Protecting endangered rainforest to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and providing employment for local people.
NO WAR t-shirt by CND the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Working to peacefully rid the world of nuclear weapons
LOVE by Katharine Hamnett

Standing up for their right to protest are Maria Sosa at Premier Models; and Sabrina, Florence Kosky, Poppy Mannion and Barbie at Models 1

Many thanks to them and this talented and generous team :

Style : Wendy Rigg Hair Artist : Jo McKenna Makeup Artist : Firyal Arneil Digital Operator : Julie Stewart Photo Assistant : Sophie Phillips Behind-the-Scenes photography : Hadas Eldar Location : with special thanks to Sarah Hogan for hosting our photoshoot at her High Trees Modern House, and Julia Kennedy for publishing this story in her No-Reply magazine. Photography by me, Wendy Carrig

Recently our government tried to take away our right to protest, but thousands of people and the House of Lords stood up to them and won! Did you know our government is now trying to introduce another bill!

If you value your right to protest please sign this Greenpeace petition calling on the Home Secretary to “…drop proposals in the Public Order Bill that have already been rejected by the people and Parliament, and to put an end to all attempts to suppress the fundamental right to protest.”

Thank you for stopping by.


photo credit | Sophie Phillips