I am extremely honored to have this project selected by the judges – Jennie Ricketts trustee at Autograph Gallery and the Martin Parr Foundation, and Isabelle Von Ribbentrop the Executive Director of the Prix Pictet.

The Greenham Women’s Peace Camp was the largest female-led protest since suffrage, and led to the international ban of Cruise missiles. But this extraordinary event has largely been written out of history. Last year the activist group Greenham Women Everywhere recreated the protest march from Cardiff to Newbury [that started the Peace Camp] to once again highlight the achievements of these remarkable women.

It was an honor to walk alongside and document this new protest march from Cardiff to Greenham Common. Below is a series of 15 selected works, from this extensive project, that have been shortlisted for the 37th Association of Photographers(AOP)Awards.

Walking for 110 miles over nine days, the pain of polluted roads and thunderous traffic was accompanied by camaraderie and song.

Original Greenham Women shared inspiring, and sometimes terrifying stories, of their time spent at the peace camp, with a new generation of impassioned activists.

Their aim, to highlight the urgent crises of the climate emergency, nuclear weapons escalation, daily violence against women, extreme hunger, and social inequality, could not be more timely.

Having my work chosen for this category, in a genre I am not generally known for, really means a lot to me. I hope that my photography will help highlight the important work initiated by Greenham Women Everywhere.

You can’t kill the spirit!



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  1. shoreline9 #
    April 20, 2022

    Oh well done Wendy. Not managing to get to your Greenham exhibition these were new to me apart from ‘Bringing home Greenham’ photo from The Times. Is the framed photo I have of the car part of the documentary?


    • Wendy Carrig | Photographer #
      April 22, 2022

      Thank you ; ) This is all recent work from last year’s Greenham 40th anniversary March


  2. Sujata #
    April 21, 2022

    What a wonderful project Wendy.


    • Wendy Carrig | Photographer #
      April 22, 2022

      Thank you so much Sujata


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