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Last summer I photographed on the beautiful north Kent beaches of Tankerton and Whitstable.

© Alicia Joynes
© Wendy Carrig
© Wendy Carrig
© Alicia Joynes

© Alicia Joynes
© Wendy Carrig
© Alicia Joynes

Last week I learnt that Southern Water regularly releases untreated sewage onto these beautiful beaches as reported in the documentary Our Troubled Rivers. Self-regulated dumping by water companies, together with storm runoff from livestock farms, means beaches and designated bathing waters are often closed, and disgracefully all our rivers are now polluted.

To right this desperate situation and put a stop to profiteering and abuse of our vital natural resource, the activist group SOSWhitstable are urgently petitioning the government to bring the care of our water back into public ownership.

Similarly Surfers Against Sewage ask us to sign their Dirty Money petition. Both groups hope that with re-reinvestment and upgrades the water industry will have the resources to nurse our ailing natural environment back to good health.

Horrible fact that in 2021 alone, water companies released effluence into English and Welsh waterways amounting to 25 years of untreated sewage.

Meanwhile my thanks to the kind and generous people of Tankerton and Whitstable, The Marine Hotel, and this super team :

Julie, me, Frances, Eveline & Jo
© Alicia Joynes

talent – Eveline Besters at Models1 (drove all the way from her home in Amsterdam to avoid flight cancellations), fashion editor – Jo Atkinson at Hearst assisted by Corin Ripley, hair & makeup artist – Frances Prescott at S.Management, clothes transport – Michelle Bohan, producer – Fiona Andrews at Hearst, digital operator – Julie Stewart, lighting assistant and all the wonderful behind-the-scenes photography – Alicia Joynes. Fashion photography by me Wendy Carrig

Behind the scenes photography by Sujata Setia

With massive thanks to this top team : fashion model Chloe Webb, fashion director Amanda Marcantonio, fashion assistant Corin Ripley, makeup artist Sally Kvalheim, digital operator Julie Stewart, lighting assistant Sujata Setia, producer Karina Diall at Hearst magazines, and Angela Evans-Hill at the Wimbledon Common Ranger’s Office. With special thanks to Sujata Setia for all the wonderful behind-the-scenes photography.

fashion photography by Wendy Carrig

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Wendy x

I am missing the teams that I work with, the small families of creatives that come together for a day, or days or sometimes weeks on end.  The camaraderie that exists in the studio and on location where new photography is created and friendships are forged.


Missing you team AVON!
Talent – Lisa Washington at Premier Models + Alice Cornish at Elite London
Art Director – Jo Bell
Stylist – Sophie Kenningham at Frank Agency
Stylist’s Assistants – Lily Austin & Amy
Hair Artist – Choccy at One Represents + Alex Price at Frank Agency
Makeup Artist – Dina at Frank Agency
Lighting Assistants – Julie Stewart & Maria Vainilavicute
Digital Operator – Gemma Gravett
Photographer – Wendy Carrig at A&R Creative Agency
Photographed at Big Sky Studios, London
Team photo by Maria Vainilavicute


All Photography © copyright Wendy Carrig, All Rights Reserved