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Big thanks to party hostess Manon Molenaar at Models1. Florals & ruffles styled for GH by fashion director Amanda Marcantonio, assisted by Corin Ripley. Afternoon tea and party games were styled by interior stylist Michelle Lester. Perfect party makeup & hair by Ian McIntosh at Arlington Talent. Many thanks also to my Photo assistant Julie Stewart, and digital operator Mr.Mark Griffiths. We photographed at beautiful Stonewall Park through JJ Locations, and our shoot was produced by Karina Dial at Hearst.

All photography by me Wendy Carrig

Let’s get this party started!

New fashion editorial starring Rosalinde at Linden Staub agency, London.

Photographed on location in the UK. We stayed at The White House, Camber Sands, a few strides away from the beach and dunes. We also photographed on the dunes at Greatstone with thanks to our friends at Demetrios Greek restaurant.

Many thanks as always to top team : fashion editor – Jo Atkinson, makeup & hair artist – Britte Dicke at Carol Hayes Management, digital operator – Mark Griffiths, runner & behind-the-scenes photography – Jessica Montchau-Farg, production – Karina Dial, Location – Beach Studios

Photography by Wendy Carrig (new website) represented by A&R Creative agency.

Selected images from a new campaign for Gilda & Pearl starring model, campaigner and psychology student Moya Palk co-founder of Models Empowered and represented by Wilhelmina London.

Many thanks to the creative team at Gilda & Pearl, super hair & makeup by Britte Dicke at Carol Hayes Management. Thanks also to digital operator Gemma Gravett, lighting assistant Andrew Rankin and videographer Dan Monro at Lookout Productions.

Photography by Wendy Carrig represented by A&R Creative Agency. Copyright Wendy Carrig ©2020 All Rights Reserved.

I am missing the teams that I work with, the small families of creatives that come together for a day, or days or sometimes weeks on end.  The camaraderie that exists in the studio and on location where new photography is created and friendships are forged.


Missing you team AVON!
Talent – Lisa Washington at Premier Models + Alice Cornish at Elite London
Art Director – Jo Bell
Stylist – Sophie Kenningham at Frank Agency
Stylist’s Assistants – Lily Austin & Amy
Hair Artist – Choccy at One Represents + Alex Price at Frank Agency
Makeup Artist – Dina at Frank Agency
Lighting Assistants – Julie Stewart & Maria Vainilavicute
Digital Operator – Gemma Gravett
Photographer – Wendy Carrig at A&R Creative Agency
Photographed at Big Sky Studios, London
Team photo by Maria Vainilavicute


All Photography © copyright Wendy Carrig, All Rights Reserved




New fashion story starring Lizelot Rippen at M&P Models
Photographed in the beautiful highlands of Scotland.
With thanks to all the team at The Lodge on Loch Goil.
Fashion Editor - Jo Atkinson
Fashion Stylist - Lucy Trievnor
Makeup and hair artist - Lizzie Court
Photographers' Assistant - Julie Stewart
Photographer - Wendy Carrig represented by A&R Creative agency
Photography copyright Wendy Carrig ©2019 All Rights Reserved

Photography copyright Wendy Carrig ©2019 All Rights Reserved

By guest editor Jo Thompson at Farm Locations

A sun-drenched Autumnal day welcomed a relaxed, friendly crew to a magical
spot on the side of the Brede Valley near Rye last month.
The perfect day’s fashion shoot then unfolded at Lidham Hill Farm

Code named #projectlandgirl, Karena Callen is leading an exciting new
venture to be based from the Romney Marsh and Rye area. She chose the
backdrop of Lidham Hill Farm with its cattle, chicken, old sheds and
artefacts, offset by a big rambling farmhouse, unspoilt pastures and
amazing views as the location for a day’s shooting with photographer
Wendy Carrig

Wendy Carrig and models, on location at Lidham Hill farm in Sussex

The final official photos to be published next Spring will be revealed
soon, but in the meantime here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of the
fashion shoot on the farm, courtesy of Wendy Carrig and felix TW

The crew from #projectlandgirl at Lidham Hill farm, shoot location in Sussex

Old cart and bike at Lidham Hill farm, shoot location in Sussex

Behind the scenes, on location for fashion shoot at Lidham Hill Farm in Sussex

View over the Brede Valley at Lidham Hill Farm in Sussex

Sussex cattle on location at Lidham Hill Farm

Shed location at Lidham Hill farm

Chickens at Lidham Hill farm, shoot location in Sussex

It's a wrap at Lidham Hill farm, shoot location in Sussex

Thank you to hosts Rob and Sally for opening their gates to the crew of
#projectlandgirl to run their fashion shoot in arguably one of the most
beautiful slices of rural Sussex. Why would you want to shoot abroad when
England can offer so much?

Congratulations Karena, Wendy and crew on the results of the day, and
here’s wishing #projectlandgirl every success when it launches next Spring.

SH15_011 1

Shot on Location at Lidham Hill Farm

Lidham Hill farm welcomes shoot crews all year round, for shoots inside
the farmhouse as well as across all locations in the fields and outbuildings.
Give Jo at Farm Locations a call on 07802 979348
Or email with your brief and we will do our
very best to oblige.

Rio! From my archive..
Locations - The Christ the Redeemer statue
Casa das Canoas designed by Oscar Niemeyer
The Museu de Arte-Contemporanea
Ipanema Beach.
Originally photographed for ElleDecoration UK
Starring Brenda Costa at Mega Models, Rio de Janeiro
Interiors + fashion direction - Amanda Koster at Sarah Kaye
Creative Director - Andrea Lynch
Hair + make-up - Ton Hyll
Production - Wery Cinema e Communicacao Ltda
Equipment + Film - Bronica645ETRsi NikonF3 Kodak160VC
All photography © copyright Wendy Carrig at A&Rphotographic


Mothercare SS15
Mothercare SS15Mothercare SS15Mothercare SS15Mothercare SS15
Thank you Anna-Maria at Nevs + Jenny Meister at Models1
Art Direction - Cathy Bell
Styling - Steph Wilson at One Represents
Hair + make-up - Sally Kvalheim at Angeli + Co
Digital Operator - Gemma Gravett
Lighting Assistant - Ernst Heusser
Producers - VC Lorin + Misty at Big Sky Cape Town
All photography © copyright Wendy Carrig

lingerie photography by Wendy CarrigBellissima Bella! at Hughes Models London 
Creative Team - Axon
Art Direction - Rosarie King
Stylist - Sasha Barrie at A&Rphotographic
Hair & make-up - Kenny Leung
Digital Operator - Gemma Gravett
Lighting Assistant - Hannah Hughes
Location - AirSpaces London
Photography © copyright Wendy Carrig

Starring Chelina at VDM Amsterdam
Art Direction - Dharini Govindan   
Fashion Styling - Michaela Fahy   
Props Styling + Set-build - Amanda Koster at Sarah Kaye
Hair & Make-up - Denise Lilley
Digital Operator - Monique Easton   
Lighting Assistant - Hannah Hughes
Photographed at The Lanterns Studio London
Photography © copyright Wendy Carrig