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"We were eighteen years old, hair like patent leather, legs up to our ears.." 
These pictures were inspired by Angela Carter's 1991 novel Wise Children - a whimsical tale of twin sisters
Dora + Nora Chance and their eccentric lives as 1920's chorus girls..
Fashion - Alison Veness    Hair & make-up - Helen Walsh    Models - Tizer Bailey and Cindy
Camera & film - Polaroid 600SE Land camera using Polaroid Type 665   Prints - Downtown Darkroom London
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All #photography © copyright wendy carrig

derek + keith brewer, the brewer twins, tricia frank, models. Photography © copyright wendy carrigtina harlow, model. Photography © copyright wendy carrigOctave, model. Photography © copyright Wendy CarrigOctave, model. photography © copyright wendy carrigtina harlow, model. Photography © copyright wendy carrig
inspired by the 1992 Barcelona olympic games, these photographs were
shot on my first trip to Los Angeles, for British Looks magazine...
beauty editors - laura bacharach + janine phillipson
hair/make-up - helen barnes
photographer's assistant - annie johnston
boxing/running - octave
beach volleyball - tricia frank + keith + derek brewer
tennis/swimming - tina harlow
locations - el matador + zuma beaches malibu,
el mirage dry lake bed mojave desert, shangri-la hotel santa monica
equipment + film - nikon f3 + ilford fp4 plus
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