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Here is a small taster of some of the stories I photographed for volume#2
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Rosie Duffield MPRosie Duffield MPRosie Duffield MP

I recently had the honor of meeting and photographing Rosie Duffield,
who was elected as Member of Parliament for Canterbury in June 2017;
winning the 'unwinnable' seat that had been both Conservative and male,
since the constituency had formed in 1918, one hundred years ago!

Rosie Duffield's story is featured in volume#2 of Perfect Bound magazine.
Words - Madeleine Smith
Styling - Wendy Rigg
Hair & makeup - Frances Prescott at S.Management
Photographer's Assistant & BTS photography - Julie Stewart
With thanks to Rosie's team at Portcullis House
Photography by Wendy Carrig at A&R Creative Agency
All photography copyright Wendy Carrig ©2018 All Rights Reserved

Rosie Duffield MP

Behind-the-scenes photographing Rosie Duffield

Rosie Duffield MP

Rosie Duffield MP