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The 209WOMEN book launches today via kickstarter. Showing new portraits
of all 209 women MPs photographed by 209 women photographers.
Included in the book is my portrait of Dr.Rosena Allin-Khan MP The
Shadow Minister for Sport.
The 209WOMEN project celebrates a centenary of votes for women, and
champions their visibility.
The original portraits can still be seen at the Open Eye Gallery Liverpool
until Sunday 14th April 2019.

The Tattooed LadyThe Tattooed LadyThe Tattooed LadyThe Tattooed LadyThe Tattooed Lady

The Tattooed Lady

A pop-up studio by Wendy Carrig for Perfect Bound magazine
Interviews by Laura Bacharach
With sincere thanks to all of the women who kindly volunteered to be
photographed, you rock!
Photographed at the brand new Space-A studio at Big Sky London
Photographer's assistant Will Richards
Wendy Carrig is represented by A&R Creative Agency London