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Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 18.01.46Bi Life TweetBi Life Tweet 2

My poster campaign for The Bi-Life has been spotted on buses all over
the UK and Northern Ireland.
First show premiere's on NBC's E-channel tonight!

Massive thanks to all the dancers and crew on this production X
Dancers - Carmelle + Kate at Skin and Lamaar + Barney at AMCK
Art Director - Alan Morrice at NBC
Creative Director - Andrew Clyde at NBC
Campaign Producer - Amanda Robinson at NBC
Shoot Producer - Anne Brocklehurst at AandR Creative Production 
Stylist - Karen Munnis assisted by Erin Lally and Hugh Stewart
Makeup artist - Irena Rogers
Hair artist - Tracey Gallagher
Digital Operator - Curtis Gibson
Lighting Assistant - Marija Vainilaviciute
Photography - Wendy Carrig represented by A&R Creative Agency, London
Photographed at The Worx Studios, London
Post production - Profile Retouch
Model photography copyright Wendy Carrig + NBC ©2018 All Rights Reserved
Bus photography credits to individuals as per their twitter feed.